Shortlisted Entry.

Luis Pablo Leon Alvarez

About the Photographer

Pablo León was born in Guadalajara, México and has been using visual arts to share his experiences and opinions since he was teenager. He is a climber and alpinist who travels around the world searching for good stories. His photography work is focused on documentary and adventure sports images. He aims to grow as a professional photographer documenting reality, supporting athletes and raising awareness of the respect and care mother nature is owed.

My Entry

DESPERATE FLIGHT: I was working as a volunteer in Torres del Paine, Chile when the pandemic appeared. The park closed without notice and the Chile/Argentina border closed. The only way out was by boat or flying. It was then that the desperate flights started for me and for many other people around the globe. This image was taken during a flight that my embassy sent me, after 2 months of being trapped in Chile without being able to return to my country.