Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

About the Photographer

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a Dhaka-based documentary photographer, filmmaker and visual artist. His work explores the themes of human rights, social development, migration, gender violence and the environment. His images express the resilience of the human spirit and strength in the face of adversity. He uses still images, text, videos, drone footage and VR to provide multi-faceted storytelling for editorial and non-profit clients. His work has been published in major international outlets including the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, and The Sunday Times, among others.

My Entry

THE PANDEMIC AT THE ROHINGYA REFUGEE CAMP: At a COVID-19 sample collection center in the Rohingya Refugee camp, Bangladesh, a healthcare professional is taking a swab from a Rohingya refugee child. During the pandemic, many myths on COVID-19 have been spreading across the camp. The number of positive cases has not exceeded one hundred and the fatality rate is very low, but there are many people who are asymptomatic. Many refugees are experiencing flu like symptoms but they are in hiding in their sheds and recovering naturally.