About the Project

Every person on every continent has been affected by COVID-19. But as the world reels from the devastation caused by this unprecedented crisis, how much is known and documented about the grave and far-reaching repercussions on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people?

COVID-19: The Bigger Picture uses the power of photography and journalism to bring to the world’s attention stories of how those most vulnerable to the pandemic are being impacted – stories that are often untold or overlooked.

Photo Competition

Could your picture tell a thousand words? Then the camera is in your hands. Our photo competition is open to anyone with a passion for turning the lens on the real lives behind the headlines, and an ability to capture the most powerful images of the pandemic’s impact on everyday people.


Photo Essays

When everyone is consumed by just one conversation, some voices struggle to be heard. Often these belong to the most vulnerable people in the world, hit hardest by the severity of the pandemic. Our world-class journalists have expertise in telling their stories.

The United States has been decimated by the crisis. We’ll be bringing you a series of five photo essays over the next three months, each shining a spotlight on different themes and different states.

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